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Chemical Peel Case #106

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Mini-Lift of Face #106

Case #106 Details

Karen.  Dr. Gross performed TCA Chemical Peel and Mini lift to achieve these results. An eyelid lift was performed. After photo by Jeff Hawkins photography.

Karen had spent a lot of time in the Florida sun and was seeing general skin discoloration, age spots, sagging jawline and heaviness in the eyes. Dr. G performed Minilift, Neck lift, Chemical peel (TCA), and Eyelid surgery for Karen. Her neckline, skin tone, cheeks, and eyes look smoother, more youthful and much younger now. She is seen here at 3 months and is very happy.

Procedures Depicted: Chemical Peel, Mini Facelift
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Light
Race: White
Testimonial: "Dr. Gross is the best surgeona dn most caring"!
Sun Damage: Mild
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