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Chemical Peels & Facials

At Primera Med Spa in Lake Mary, chemical peels and facials are perennial favorites among our Orlando skin care patients, and for good reason. These treatments can provide dramatic, visible improvements to your complexion without significant downtime. Our luxurious facials can relax your mind while they rejuvenate your skin. With our incredible array of options, there's a treatment to suit nearly any skin type. Let our aestheticians guide you through your choices, and get ready to reveal your best skin yet.

Let our skilled aesthetic professionals bring out the best in your face. Request a consultation online or call Primera Med Spa at (407) 936-3230 to schedule your appointment.

Chemical Peels

As the name implies, chemical peels use chemical exfoliants to slough away dull, dead cells and uncover new, healthier skin. Each peel has its own unique formulation to address specific concerns, ranging from fine lines to acne. At Primera Med Spa, we require a 15-minute consultation prior to undergoing any chemical peel. During this brief discussion, our aestheticians work with you to evaluate your skin, recommend the best treatment for your particular concerns, and explain what you can expect before and after your peel.

Rosacea Peel

Perfect for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, the rosacea peel uses lactic acid to improve skin's resilience and brighten the complexion. This peel's anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and antibacterial properties make it a good choice for acne sufferers, too. We recommend a series of peels for optimal results.

Jessner's Peel

Developed by Dr. Max Jessner, this light- to medium-depth peel is great for oily or sun-damaged skin. Using a blend of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol, Jessner's Peel can soften fine lines and improve skin's texture and tone. We offer this peel with or without hydroquinone for skin lightening.

Primera Peel

Our proprietary peel can reduce many of the symptoms associated with aging skin, including dryness and wrinkles. We recommend undergoing a series of peels to reveal your best complexion.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Reduce impurities and exfoliate your skin while you add vitamins and other nutrients. Our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel is a great addition to your normal regimen any time of the year.

Soothing Body Peel

Beautiful skin isn't just for your face. Our potent body peel softens, exfoliates, and moisturizes trouble spots on the body, including the knees, elbows, arms, back, chest, and heels.

VI Peel®

Using a powerful blend of skin-friendly ingredients such as vitamins A and C, the popular VI Peel is a versatile option for treating a variety of skin concerns including acne, discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

The Primera Perfect 10 Skin Care System and Peel

Intended for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1, 2, and 3, this complete skincare system combines a home regimen with in-office treatments for a complete, long-term rejuvenation. Primera Perfect 10 can stimulate collagen growth and reduce common complaints including fine lines and sun damage.

Vitalize Peel®

Developed by SkinMedica®, the Vitalize Peel stimulates 2 to 3 days of moderate peeling, revealing brighter, smoother skin. Because SkinMedica is an Allergan brand, you can earn Brilliant Distinctions points with each session.


A perfect way to end a stressful week or prepare for a big night out, each of our facials is customized to meet your skin's precise needs. Our aestheticians often incorporate steam, extractions, hand treatment, LED therapy, and other touches to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized. Address a specific skin concern or boost your skin's overall radiance with any of our indulgent facials.

Ultimate Primera Facial

Our classic 60-minute facial cleanses and rejuvenates your skin, leaving your face looking better than ever. Recommended for all skin types, this facial is a popular way to relax your mind while adding radiance to your skin.

Express Facial

A shorter version of our Ultimate Primera Facial, the Express Facial is a good option for those on the go. This 30-minute treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, and a custom mask.

Acne Facial

During this deeply cleansing facial, your aesthetician performs extractions and applies our medical-grade Primera Pharmaceutical skincare products to refine your complexion and lift away blemish-causing impurities and bacteria. Keep breakouts at bay by making it a part of your normal routine.

Special Occasion Lifting Facial

Want to look your best before a special day, but don't want surgical scars or downtime? Our Special Occasion Lifting Facial uses powerful amino protein enzymes to temporarily tighten your skin so you can face any camera with confidence.


More intense than at-home scrubs, microdermabrasion is a "no-downtime" option to thoroughly exfoliate the face and neck. A single treatment leaves your skin with a renewed glow and radiance and makes it more receptive to your favorite skincare products. A series of treatments can provide a lasting reduction in fine lines, textural irregularities, sun damage, acne, and more.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Get 2 treatments in 1 with this complementary combination of our Ultimate Primera Facial and microdermabrasion.

Back Treatment

Developed especially for the special needs of the skin on your back, this deep cleansing treatment includes exfoliation and extractions to clear up congested pores and give you the confidence to go backless.

Facial Add-Ons


Improve your lymphatic function and encourage your skincare products to work better with a gentle ultrasound treatment.

Collagen Eye or Face Masks

Give your skin a little extra boost with a nourishing mask to boost its glow and improve its texture.

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